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I think that one of our greatest jobs as teachers is to inspire our students to aspire for greatness. Of course, we need tons of creative strategies and resources to implement successful instruction, but if our kids are not given a purpose for learning or taught to have a desire to achieve...what progress are we actually making? The same is true for adults. I think that everyone needs  a little motivational massage every now and then. It's good for the soul! ;)

Once of my all-time favorite parts of my classroom is my "Desire to Inspire" quote wall! You've seen it before! It looks a little something like this…

This is what our quote wall looked like in my room at the end of the year. I covered the inside of each frame with a black piece of construction paper and would reveal a new quote each month. 

How does it work? 

Okay, so how can we use the words of others to inspire our students?!? At the beginning of the year, I decorated my room with several of the quotes from my Desire to Inspire Pack. They make super cute decorations, but are super awesome motivators for the kids later on. I then covered each quote with a black piece of paper so they remained top secret {which made the kids giddy!} Each month, I revealed a new quote/inspirational message.

I didn't want these to be merely words. I wanted the students to use these words to push them towards achieving things they never dreamed possible. We would discuss each quote, what it meant, and then we would journal about how we could use the words to inspire us. That gave meanings to each quote, made them memorable, and it stuck with the kids for quite some time. I would even hear them discussing them at different points in the year! :) 

Desire to Inspire

I had many suggestions for some other color schemes, so here is my newest version…a little primary action. ;) This set also includes inspirational note cards to give to students throughout the year, and some flip journaling pages! Check it out below! 

All three of my Desire to Inspire sets will be on SALE today in my TPT shop! 


Version 1: Original (includes quotes and rules)
Version 2: Chalkboard brights and pastels (includes quotes and rules)
Version 3: Chalkboard & white primary 
(includes quotes, rules, note cards, and journal pages)

While you are there, you can also check out some motivational bracelets that serve as a good reminder of our inspirational words…

Here is a look at just a few of the bracelets included in the pack!
Also included in this pack are bracelets that remind students about our quotes found on our inspirational words wall from my Desire to Inspire Pack!

Here is a look at what is included:

How do you inspire your students throughout the year? 

Monthly Math Centers

Hi Friends, 

I am going to keep it short and sweet today since I am about to head to church with my sweet hubby! Below you can find today's "deal of the day" for my Christmas in July Sale! If you are looking for easy, low-prep math centers, today is your day! They are all set and ready to go, and they can be used for any grade level! You can read more about them right {HERE} or {HERE}

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Now, go enjoy this beautiful Sunday! :) 

Math Resources SALE!

Happy weekend, friends! Is that something we even celebrate in the summer? I mean, since my hubby is home with me all summer, I kinda feel like every day is the weekend…and I kinda love it…a lot! ;) It's going to be SO hard getting back into school mode in less than a month! Yikes! :/ 

So, let's not go talking about that just yet. Instead we will talk about sales. Because who doesn't love a good sale? Today is day FIVE of Christmas in July in my TPT shop. I don't know about you, but I have definitely been taking full advantage of the TPT sellers hosting sales this week! 

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Here is what you can snag on sale today in my shop…

Today, all of my favorite resources (a.k.a. math resources) will be on sale. If you are looking for/needing additional resources to supplement your math curriculum, here are a few of my faves…

My absolute favorite way to help students learn how to solve those tricky word problems!  You are welcome! ;) 

PSA: Math Strategy
Check it out on the blog right {HERE}

The Measurement Playbook
Check it out on the blog right {HERE} 

Mathlete Mania: Help your students learn basic facts in a snap! 
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Unit Preview

Here are the three units in the series!  

Slide1Memorizing Subtraction FactsSlide1

There's lots more in my shop, so be sure and check it out! :) 

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends! 

Classroom Decor Galore SALE!

Why is it that I feel the need to change my classroom every single year? There is just something about new, fresh decor in the room that makes me oh so happy. If you are looking for something new and fresh for your teaching space, you've come to the right spot. 

Last year I created 16 different decor sets complete with everything that you will need to give your classroom a makeover! You can check each set out below. Then even further below, you can see a detailed version of one set just so you know what you're getting! :) 

Your download will also include an editable file where you will be able to add student names, numbers, your own classroom jobs, etc.

For the next two days, these sets will be on sale for only $8.50

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This is my "White" line. These are also available with black backgrounds below. 

More Patterns:

Other Themes: 

And I even have animals...

Here is a detailed preview of one decor unit that outlines what each set includes…

Your download will also include an editable file where you will be able to add student names, numbers, your own classroom jobs, etc.

You can head on over to my TPT shop to grab your favorite pattern right now! :) 

Merry Christmas in July!